Laptop Computer on Sale



We carry laptops PC from all manufacturers Dell, Asus, Hp, Toshiba and


Just tell us what type (specification like size of screen, RAM, CPU, Color, Type of hard disk,) of the laptop computer you need, we will find one for you.






Laptop Computer Repair



We repair all types of Laptop computers and


1.     Fix Broken Screens, Bezels, Touch screens, Laptop Cases, and Hinges


2.     Fix all software problem, Rebuild software system.


3.     Remove Virus, Malware and AD


4.     Replace Hard disk, Touchpad, keyboard, DVD writer, and more


5.     Repair motherboard, switch board, and all daughter boards


6.     Replace battery and fix battery charging issues


7.     Replace DC Jack or DC Jack board and universal AC adapter


9.     All in all, Fix everything on your computer Or buy your PC


10. Electronic Devices repair (Smart Phone, POS machine, Electronic weight)